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Your Best Dressed Body (Rectangle Man)

There are many different body shapes and sizes out there. And depending on your particular body type, one should know what to wear to make their body look its best; male or female. Because there are a number of body types per gender it will take time to cover them all, so stay tuned to learn about yours.

After taking a breather last week from covering the various body types, this week we come back to the subject to cover the Male Rectangle Body. Naturally, the Male Rectangle Body is characterized, essentially, by no shape at all. With shoulders the same width as the waist and hips, the rectangle body is straight up and down. As with all other body types, the goal is to create the illusion of a trapezoidal body by adding structure.

Particularly for you Rectangle Male, the goal is to widen your shoulders while tapering to and adding a defined waist. A good way to achieve this is with horizontal stripes, which will give you the bit of upper body bulk that is lacking. Another trick to add some bulk to your shoulders, is with layering. Try going with a button down shirt and fine blazer. Adding a nicely draped or neatly tied scarf to your outfit selection will also serve to add the illusion of width to your shoulders. When it comes to choosing a Polo or T-Shirt, reach for ones that are brightly coloured or have colour pops and/or embellishments at the shoulders.

Suit and Blazer choice is simple, opt for single breasted over double breasted, as the latter will only serve to make your already linear frame even more boxy while single breasted will give the look of broader more structured shoulders.

Although the issue of tapering and defining your waist isn't addressed directly, it has been addressed. The act of adding the illusion of structure and width to your shoulders naturally creates a tapered visual line to your waist. Wearing a belt with darker coloured trousers will also serve to define your waist.

Of course, once you've settled on some appealing items, elevate your looks to the next level with a visit to your local Tailor. This will ensure that your items fit perfectly, Rectangle Man, and will surely have you looking your absolute best.

Be sure to enjoy the journey while creating your own unique style!

- LoneWolf Styling

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