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Get to Know Your Skin Tone (Medium Skin)

Now that you have a better understanding of your particular skin tone, we can focus on specifics like what colours work best for your medium skin. The following will cover what works from head to toe, so take note on what appeals most to you or come back and re-read the article. Medium skinned individuals have access to a few more options over the previously reviewed skin tones. You should notice that the colour spectrum begins to widen a bit over the next articles.

As you know Gents, you're more confined to the hair colour you were born with. If you are compelled to change your hair colour, the options available to Ladies will apply.

As someone with medium skin, you have a rather broad range of hair colour options to choose from, depending on whether you're on the lighter or darker side of medium with lighter or darker eyes. Your colour options range from and include wheat blonde, walnut brown, and golden caramel to auburn, cinnamon or ebony brown. Of course, a lighter eye colour affords access to lighter hair colour. Unlike those with fair skin, make-up and clothing colours will have less contrast against your skin, and appear less dramatic. While your skin tone does afford you the option of a lighter hair colour, platinum blonde is still not one of those options. Like those with fair skin, deep browns and darker reds can be flattering looks when it comes to hair. Unlike fair skinned individuals, you have more options when it comes to lighter coloured clothing, but you do still run the risk of appearing washed out.

A general rule of thumb when it comes to make-up is "a little goes a long way". As someone with medium skin, you should also reach for tones that include light browns, corals, apricots and peaches; these tend to work well for you. If you want your eyes to stand out, a partial lining with dark brown or black eyeliner will make that happen. As always, encircling the eye with any dark color will only serve to make it appear smaller. When it comes to your mascara, on the other hand, darker colours work wonders to make eyes stand out. It goes without saying that foundation should always match as closely as possible to your skin tone, and blush/bronzer should be applied sparingly. A bit of apricot or coral blush on the cheekbones will do the job to make them more prominent, and a touch of bronzer under the cheekbones and chin will slim the face. Medium skinned individuals can also reach for a bright bold red for lips, but there is the added option of some pinks and rose, even purples, depending on the chosen outfit.

When it comes to your clothing avoid lighter browns, beiges, caramels (especially those closely matching your skin tone), oranges and pastels of any shade. These options will lead to the medium skinned wearer being completely washed out. For medium skinned individuals, the more flattering colours include the brighter, deeper hues and jewel tones. Most shades from the blue (royal, sapphire), pink (raspberry, deep pink), red (ruby, candy apple), green (hunter, emerald) and purple (royal, plum) families work well against your skin. As mentioned in previous articles, there are many shades in any particular skin tone category, so always explore your options.

Outside of the hair colour options and make-up, these pointers can and should be applied to males as well; the gentleman should always be as fashionable as his female counterpart. Remember, being fashionable is all inclusive, clothing should complement hair, make-up and shoes should complement clothing, accessories should complement the entire outfit, but the complete ensemble should be flattering to the individual.

Be sure to enjoy the journey while creating your own unique style!

- LoneWolf Styling

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