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Get to Know Your Skin Tone (Fair Skin)

Now that you have a better understanding of your particular skin tone, we can focus on specifics like what colours work best for your fair skin. The following will cover what works from head to toe, so take note on what appeals most to you or come back and re-read the article. If while reading through these pointers for fair skinned individuals things seem strikingly similar to that of milky skinned individuals, it's because they are. For the most part nearly all items are the same, although fair skinned individuals have slightly more options when it comes to clothing colours.

Just like those with milky skin, your fair skin and natural hair colour are choices you're probably stuck with gents. Ladies, on the other hand again have freedoms with hair colour choices not afforded to gents.

As someone with fair skin you can also be likened to a porcelain doll, particularly if you have a clear complexion. As such, colours appear more dramatic with your skin as the backdrop. Ladies, you have a few less options than some of your counterparts when it comes to your hair colour; lighter colours like platinum blonde and light reds should not be your go to choice. Deep browns and darker reds are the way to go for a flattering look. The same concept applies throughout, lighter coloured clothing, combined with your fair skin will only serve to wash you out, just like those with milky skin, and should be avoided unless you'd like to be likened to a ghost; afterall, it is October. When it comes to make-up, the same rule applies, "a little goes a long way". Reach for more neutral tones; light browns and purples will also work well for you. Avoid bright blues and yellows as they will lead to the same outcome as pale coloured clothing. The same trick will work for you as it does for milky skinned individuals to make your eyes pop. Brown eyeliner is best, but grey will also do the trick. And again, iff black is used, apply only as an accent (one lid and outer corner) as encircling the eye tends to make it appear smaller. However, when it comes to your mascara, black works wonders to make eyes stand out; a nice treat for those lucky enough to gaze into them. Foundation should always match as closely as possible, and blush/bronzer should be applied sparingly. A bit of light pink blush on the cheekbones will do the job to make them more prominent, and a touch of light bronzer under the cheekbones and chin will make the face slimmer. You too can reach for a bright bold red for your lips to ratchet up your wow factor; this will look stunning against your porcelain skin.

When it comes to wardrobe choices for your skin tone, white, pale pinks and yellows should be avoided. In the case of milky skinned individuals, pale blues should fall in the same category as the previously mentioned, but this is not the case for your fair skin; you have some wiggle room there. Some flattering colours for your skin tone include neutrals (tan, light brown), blue (royal), green (olive, hunter, emerald), and purple. Certain shades of yellow, such as mustard, will work better for fair skin, but again, approach this spectrum with caution. There are many shades in the fair skinned category, so be sure to explore your options. Whatever the case, avoid wearing a lot of black, unless you're going for Gothic, this will wash you out as well.

Outside of the hair colour options and make-up, these pointers can and should be applied to males as well; the gentleman should always be as fashionable as his female counterpart. Remember, being fashionable is all inclusive, clothing should complement hair, make-up and shoes should complement clothing, accessories should complement the entire outfit, but the complete ensemble should be flattering to the individual.

Be sure to enjoy the journey while creating your own unique style!

- LoneWolf Styling

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