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Your Best Dressed Body (Rectangle Woman)

There are many different body shapes and sizes out there. And depending on your particular body type, one should know what to wear to make their body look its best; male or female. Because there are a number of body types per gender it will take time to cover them all, so stay tuned to learn about yours.

This week will cover the Female Rectangular Body. If you find that this category best describes your body, congratulations, you are just like 45% of American women. Basically, this means you are balanced and undefined; meaning your bust and hips are equally wide and you lack a defined waist. Since you are like most American women, you probably would like to have a sought after hourglass figure. Fret not Rectangle, if this is you, we are here to help!

If it's not already apparent, your task for achieving an hourglass look is to add definition to your waist while proportionately dressing top and bottom. How is this done, I'm glad you ask. Put plainly, you are going to need to add volume to your shoulders and hips, while creating definition in the waist. Form fitting clothes, and wide belts will get you on your way. If you're not comfortable with form fitting items, start with mixing and matching upper and lower body separates.

Taking the separates route, tops and bottoms fitting the following profiles are what you want to and to your wardrobe selections. For your tops try something off the shoulder, or with asymmetric lines, and a cinched or belted waists. If this is not your style, perhaps something that flows and drapes over the body with wide banding across the waist. To help with the bust area padded and push-up bras will be a great help. For those bottoms, you want embellished and/or flappy pockets, a straight cut mid-rise or low-rise waist, and cargos. If it gives added width to your hips, it belongs in your wardrobe. These items will give the illusion of fuller shoulders/bust, wider hips, and a defined waist.

For those comfortable with form fitting items, you want to add items that have some percentage of spandex in the fabric composition. Try dresses with a high waisted pencil skirt bottom and collared/cropped/cinched top; and of course consider a wide belt. The purpose of these items Rectangle, and your ultimate goal, is to create fuller bust and hips, and define that waist of yours while showing off your best assets, those stunning legs and arms.

And as always, once you've settled on some appealing items, elevate your looks to the next level with a visit to your local Tailor. This ensures that your items fit perfectly, Rectangle Woman, and have you looking your absolute best.

Be sure to enjoy the journey while creating your own unique style!

- LoneWolf Styling

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