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Your Best Dressed Body (Pear/Triangle Woman)

There are many different body shapes and sizes out there. And depending on your particular body type, one should know what to wear to make their body look its best; male or female. Because there are a number of body types per gender it will take time to cover them all, so stay tuned to learn about yours.

This week will cover the Female Pear/Triangle Body. Pear Bodies are generally defined by a slim bust, defined waist and larger hips. Your assets include proportionate shoulders and arms, and an elegant neck so don't hide them. The goal of your wardrobe selections is to create volume for your upper body, emphasizing your waist while de-emphasizing your hips and lower body to gain an hourglass shape. The best method of achieving this task is quite similar to that of Diamond/Apple Female; tops that create balance with you lower half while accentuating your waist, and darker colored bottoms with clean lines.

Examples of tops that your wardrobe should include are brightly colored, billowy shapes, cinched/belted waist, or perhaps something off shoulder, V-necked, or pocketed; in the event you decide on a pocketed top, be sure the pockets are on the upper portion of the garment. Jackets should have structured shoulders, belted waists, and fall just above the hips. These pieces will serve to draw attention to your bust, accentuate your waist and minimize your hips. Bottom pieces should include darker colors, mid-rise waists, and straight lines that fall from the widest part of your hips. Lightly gathered, A-lined skirts with minimal volume and/or darted waist dresses should also be some included wardrobe items. These items will help to shift attention from the hips to the waist and bust, when used in conjunction with suggested tops.

Items the Female Pear/Triangle Body should exclude from wardrobe selections include slim fit and skinny jeans, small or embellished pockets, light colored bottoms paired with dark tops to name a few. These items and combinations will only serve to draw attention from your bust to your hips and throw off the balance between upper and lower body, which is what you want to avoid if one's goal is to achieve the impression of an hourglass shape.

Of course, once you've settled on some appealing items, elevate your looks to the next level with a visit to your local Tailor. This will ensure that your items fit perfectly, Pear/Triangle Woman, and have you looking your absolute best.

Be sure to enjoy the journey while creating your own unique style!

- LoneWolf Styling

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