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Your Best Dressed Body (Apple/Diamond Woman)

There are many different body shapes and sizes out there. And depending on your particular body type, one should know what to wear to make their body look its best; male or female. Because there are a number of body types per gender it will take time to cover them all, so stay tuned to learn about yours.

This week will cover the Female Apple/Diamond Body. While there are some subtle differences between the two, the method of dressing them to look their absolute best is the same. Typically identified by broader shoulders and ribs, and an undefined waist, this body carries the majority of its weight in the stomach, hips and bottom. But as you know, Diamond Female, you have amazing legs and proportionate arms, so don't hide them; but the ultimate goal is to achieve the look of having an hourglass shape. To achieve this, one must balance the shoulders and bust with the hips, adding definition to the waist, and lengthening the lower body.

The way to accentuate the shoulders and create a more defined waist is with tops that have a cinched/belted waist and/or structured/embellished shoulders and bust. Tops with wider necklines should be a staple in your wardrobe; v-neck, u-neck and scoop neck to name a few. Tailored wraps and tunic tops with a cinched/belted waistline will do the trick of drawing attention away from your midsection and bottom to the hips. Be careful to choose tops constructed of a more flowing fabric to help add that body balance you seek; and jackets with structured shoulders tapering to the waist.

For your bottom half, the goal is to add length which can be easily achieved with darker colors; generally try to have your bottom garments darker than tops. Additionally, any skirt (e.g. A-Line) or pant that falls in a straight line from the widest part of the hips is a great addition to your wardrobe. Remember the idea is to de-emphasize your bumm, so add slacks with no pockets and avoid jeans with embellished back pockets.

The same concepts should be applied when choosing a swimsuit. Ruffled or printed bust, strapless or straps at mid-shoulder, and tankinis with empire waists are good options; and comparatively darker bottoms.

Because there are all sorts of diamonds out there, if you want to be a polished Diamond Woman be sure to pay your local tailor a visit to ensure your wardrobe selections are perfectly fitted to you.

Be sure to enjoy the journey while creating your own unique style!

- LoneWolf Styling

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